Rules & Prizes

The 2014 Green Devil Smackdown has come to a close.  Congratulations to this year's winners, the EA Executive Ballers.  Thank you to all Smackdown participants who fought to reduce their emissions and help Duke become carbon neutral by 2024.  


To register, all you have to do is visit the My Profile page. This action creates an entry in the Sustainable Duke database so that participation can be tracked for the competition. You must join a team to be eligible for prizes in the competition.

Create or Join a Team

Students, faculty and staff will be able to create or join a team of between 10 and 100 members to compete against other teams on campus. Teams must have at least 10 members to be eligible for prizes. Individuals will be able to search existing teams by name or by searching on the name of any of its members. Team members can also send targeted invitations by email to other students, faculty or staff. Individuals are only permitted to join one team.

Individuals are encouraged to form teams by department (e.g. Finance, Pediatrics, etc.), by building/dorms (e.g. Craven Quadrangle) or by organizational groups and clubs (e.g. Duke Student Government). Teams are encouraged to pick a creative name. Who wouldn't want to take on the Keohane Carbon Killers for example?

Earn Points

You can earn points in four ways each week:

  • Individual action
  • Team challenge
  • Smacktalk
  • Quiz

Actions that earn points vary from individual to team-based and in person to online. More points are assigned to activities that require a greater commitment.


A leaderboard will display the results for the top teams and indicate where an individual ranks in relation to other individuals. Participants will receive points automatically for taking certain actions that are tracked in a database (e.g. submitting the Green Workplace Certification checklist) and will receive points for other self-reported activities (e.g. eating a vegetarian diet).

Prizes Belt

There will be several categories of prizes awarded in the Smackdown.

Team Champions: The champions will be determined at noon on April 1, 2014. At the end of the competition, the team that earns the highest average points per participant will be crowned champion of the Green Devil Smackdown.

The winning team will be recognized at the 2014 Duke Sustainability Awards luncheon and will receive the custom-designed Green Devil Smackdown championship belt to display until the next competition.

Individual Prizes: Every person who earns 2,000 points will win a set of travel bamboo utensils. Superlative prizes will also be given to exemplary individuals in the following categories:

  • Master of Submission (individual with the most points)
  • Fiercest Smacktalker
  • Most Fired-Up Team "Coach"

Weekly Prizes: Each week, one person who participated in the week's challenge will be randomly selected to win a prize, including a box of produce from the Duke Campus Farm, a bicycle pump and more!

Only current Duke students, faculty and staff are eligible to win prizes.

If you have any questions regarding the competition or competition rules, e-mail