2014 Green Devil Smackdown

The 2014 Green Devil Smackdown has come to a close.  Congratulations to the 2014 winners, the EA Executive Ballers.  Thank you to all Smackdown participants who fought to reduce their emissions and help Duke become carbon neutral by 2024.   

The Smackdown is a team-based competition to encourage sustainable behaviors on campus. Join or form a team and battle proven titans of sustainability like the Pratt School of Engineering and the Biology Department.

Each week participants earn points through individual actions, a team challenge, a quiz, and Smacktalk. The team with the highest average points per participant on April 1, 2014 will be crowned champion and earn the Green Devil Smackdown wrestling belt. All individuals who reach 2,000 points will win a set of bamboo utensils. Weekly prizes will be awarded to challenge participants.

Learn more about the details of the competition.