Green Lab Certification Resources

At Duke we strive for excellence in our research and teaching labs. Part of that effort is directed toward putting into practice the sustainability concepts that we teach in our classrooms. This portion of the website is dedicated to helping you implement sustainable practices in your research or teaching laboratory. We would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

The five primary areas of concern for sustainable laboratories are: energy conservation, water conservation, hazardous chemical usage, green purchasing and recycling.

Three Steps To Take Now

  1. Shut the Fume Hood Sash
    Fume hoods are the energy hogs of the lab. Shutting the sash reduces their energy use and provides a safety barrier between you and the contents of the hood.
  2. Turn Off the Water
    A single pass water cooled apparatus uses a tremendous volume of this precious resource over time. Look into using a recirculating loop in a water bath.
  3. Handle Chemical Waste with Care
    Follow proper waste handling procedures and minimize hazardous chemical use.