Duke Green Workplace Certification

Duke Green Workplace Certification is a program created by Sustainable Duke to help staff reduce the environmental footprint of their workplace. The program helps to train and foster staff sustainability leaders within a department and provides resources to guide the process of greening your workplace.  View a list of exemplary sustainable workplaces at Duke that have achieved the Duke Green Workplace Certification.  Please contact sustainability@duke.edu with any questions.

Obtaining Green Workplace Certification

Green Workplace Certification is awarded based on completion of a checklist of actions. Only staff who have attended the Leading for Environmental Sustainability Workshop are eligible to complete the checklist on behalf of their department. The checklist is accessible online to these staff members.  While some offices may have only a few staff members working closely on the checklist, all staff in the office should be familiarized with the checklist and personal actions they can take that contribute to office sustainability.  For this reason, the certification is recommended for groups of 5 to 20 staff.  While larger groups can complete the certification, it is more challenging to ensure that staff are compliant with all of the actions that the group commits to on the checklist.

Staff who would like to view the checklist, but have not yet attended the workshop can e-mail a request to sustainability@duke.edu.

Of the 58 items on the checklist, 40 items must be completed to receive certification. Certified offices will receive a sticker for display in their workplace, as well as recognition on Sustainable Duke’s website and in the sustainability e-newsletter.

Staff Sustainability Leaders

In order for an office to receive certification, at least one staff member from the office must attend the Leading for Environmental Sustainability Workshop offered through Learning & Organizational Development. This staff member will become a valuable resource for the office because they will be knowledgeable about sustainability efforts at Duke and steps that offices can take to become more sustainable. They will often help to guide the office through the process of completing the checklist, although office staff are encouraged to work collaboratively on the checklist throughout the process. While only one staff member from the office is required to attend the HR workshop, we encourage all interested staff members to attend.   Sustainable Duke will communicate with staff members who attend this workshop to provide further resources and guidance throughout the process of greening their workplace.

Green Teams

Staff members may decide to form a green team for their office to help evaluate existing sustainability programs and work to incorporate new sustainability practices. There is no requirement to form a green team in order to receive certification, but some offices may find this to be a useful way to bring together staff who are interested in sustainability to discuss existing practices and lead new efforts for the office.