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green teams at DukeWhat is a Green Team?

Green Teams are informal groups of staff members from an office, department or organizational unit that meet regularly to educate themselves and their colleagues about sustainability, examine the sustainability of office practices and create innovative solutions.

What does a Green Team Do?

Green Teams start by considering the environmental effects of everyday workplace operations and behavior.  This can be as simple as getting together to discuss observations, like an increase in the number of disposable coffee cups being thrown out in the break room. Green Teams can start by taking on a few small issues in the office, or make a larger commitment to participate in Duke's Green Workplace Certification.

Forming a Green Team may be a helpful way to achieve the requirements of the Green Workplace Certification.  Green Teams can work to meet these requirements with some of the following strategies:

  • Using signs, challenges, presentation/events to educate colleagues about sustainability issues
  • Creating office policies and ensuring compliance with existing university policies
  • Managing funds for office sustainability initiatives

Green Team members seek to engage all of their colleagues in a creative problem solving process, they are not the eco-police!  Sustainability is about collaborative decision-making and creating viable solutions.

How do I start a Green Team in my office?

The first step is for one or several staff from your office to attend the Leading for Environmental Sustainability Workshop offered by Sustainable Duke through HR Learning & Organizational Development.  Attendance of this workshop by at least one staff member from your workplace is required to participate in the Duke Green Workplace Certification.  If your office is thinking about starting a Green Team or already has a similar group, be sure to register your team with our office below. Registering will connect your Green Team with the resources and experiences of other Green Teams and allow our office to share your victories across campus.  

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