Green Classroom Certification

The Duke Green Classroom Certification was created to provide faculty with the opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of their courses and classrooms at Duke University while demonstrating eco-friendly behaviors to students.

What is Green Teaching?

Green Teaching can constitute a number of different teaching strategies, including reduction of paper use or paperless teaching, reduction of energy use in the classroom, and reduction in use of classroom supplies other than paper. Faculty who achieve Duke's Green Classroom Certification take significant steps to green the delivery of their course. Examples of common practices implemented by faculty to reduce the environmental impact of their course include allowing electronic submission of assignments, providing online readings and turning off lights and electronics in the classroom when they are not in use. The eco-friendly aspects of course delivery may vary by faculty, by course, and throughout the semester.

Obtaining Green Classroom Certification

Certification must be obtained prior to the start date of the course.  Duke Green Classroom Certification is awarded based on the completion of 25 of the 35 items on this checklist. If an item does not apply to your course, you should not check the item off, but you may make note of this in the "Comments" box at the end of each section.

Faculty must apply for certification for each course individually, unless two courses meet the same criteria, and must reapply for certification each semester. Faculty will be able to access, make updates, and resubmit their applications for courses taught previously in order to reduce administrative burden.

Faculty who certify their courses will receive a logo and description that they can use to promote their certification (i.e. on their syllabus, course website, e-mail signature). In addition they will receive recognition on the Sustainable Duke website and in other various media outlets.

If you have questions about the Green Classroom Certification or are having difficulty achieving 25 items, contact

This certification is inspired by other university green teaching certifications, such as the Green Teaching Program at American University.