Research on sustainability brings experts and talented scholars from diverse disciplines together in search of solutions to our most pressing global problems. As one of the world's premier research institutions, Duke also provides a rich academic environment and resources to enable interdisciplinary problem solving.

The Free Atmospheric Carbon Exchange (FACE) site in the Duke Forest has provided the opportunity for hundreds of research projects.

Sustainability Research Inventory

Duke does not currently track research specifically related to sustainability themes. The University is exploring ways to identify research as it is developed as sustainability related or focused but for the current inventory another method had to be utilized. In 2013, Sustainable Duke worked with the Office of Research Support to utilize the Sponsored Projects Systems Database to search by key word for sustainability related research funded in the past three years. This identified research in numerous departments across Duke focusing on a myriad of sustainability themes. The full result of this search can be downloaded here.  Examples include:

  • The Duke Center on Global Change and the National Science Foundation - Coupling Human and Natural Influences on Coastline Evolution as Climate Changes
  • The Nicholas School of the Environment and the Environmental Protection Agency - Southern Center on Environmentally-Driven Disparities in Birth Outcomes
  • The Duke Marine Lab and the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC - Real-Time Acoustic Monitoring of Bottlenose Dolphins in and around the Brant Island Shoal Bombing Target (BT-9) and the Piney Island Bombing Range (BT-11)
  • Sanford School of Public Policy and the National Institutes of Health - The Political Economy of Tobacco Control in Southeast Asia
  • Pratt School of Engineering and National Aeronautics and Space Administration  - Characterization of Aerosol-Cloud Rainfall Interactions and Water Cycle Impacts in the Himalayas
  • Department of Chemistry and UNC-Chapel Hill - Solar Fuels and Next Generation Photovoltaics
  • The Duke Global Health Institute and Ronald McDonald Children Charities - Rainwater Harvesting in Kashongi, Uganda

Every attempt was made to make this list as comprehensive as possible given the constraints of the current system, if there is other research that should be included, feel free to contact Tavey Capps.