Sustainability at Duke


CEE ClassDuke University seeks to make sustainability a part of the educational experience for every student through courses in diverse fields addressing the core concepts of sustainability, research opportunities, and interactions with the campus as a sustainability living laboratory.

Sustainability Courses [more info]

Sustainability courses at Duke prepare students across all disciplines to analyze the connections between social, economic and environmental phenomena and address global concerns about the future.  Check out a listing of diverse sustainability courses at Duke, updated each semester.

Sustainability & The Curriculum [more info]

Find more information on the majors, minors, graduate degrees, and continuing education programs that prepare students to address the challenge of transitioning to a sustainable future, as well as alternative routes to sustainability academics through Program II, the Marine Lab, or studying abroad.

Sustainability & Faculty [more info]

Faculty can participate in the Duke University Trillium Fellows Project. The Trillium Project is a faculty learning community dedicated to increasing the prevalence and quality of concepts of sustainability in academic courses at Duke.  Faculty members receive stipends for attending the Trillium workshop and incorporating sustainability into a course.

Campus as a Living Laboratory [more info]

Duke University offers many living laboratories for diverse educational experiences in sustainability, and many courses at Duke use the University as a client for sustainability research projects.  Read about living laboratories like the Home Depot Smart Home, Duke Campus Farm, Duke Lemur Center, Duke Forest, Duke Marine Lab and more.  You can also view a list of on campus client-based project ideas in topics like energy, transportation, and recycling.

Sustainability Research [more info]

View highlights from an inventory of sustainability research at Duke, including topics like stormwater management, environmental engineering, renewable energy, health, and marine mammals. 

Centers & Institutes [more info]

Duke has several centers and institutes that focus on environmental and sustainability issues and contribute significantly to research and policymaking.  Areas of focus include conservation, entrepreneurship and engagement, environmental policy, and global environmental issues.