Spring 2012 Sustainability Courses

For Spring 2012, Sustainable Duke has compiled a list of courses that include sustainability topics, and the same list of courses with descriptions.  Below, there is also a selection of highlighted courses in which sustainability is the primary focus, as well as a list of University Writing Program courses with a sustainability focus. Please email us to suggest additional courses for the current, or upcoming semester.

Highlighted Courses:

Arts of the Moving Image 215S, Documentary Studies 215S, Environment 222S
Environmental Issues and the Documentary Arts
Documentary Studies 167S, Environment 172S, Public Policy 112S
Politics of Food
Environment 104
Agriculture & Sustainability
Environment 105S
Ethical Challenges in Environmental Conservation
Environment 163
Economics of the Environment
Environment 218S US Energy Security
Environment 252
Sustainability & Renewable Resource Economics
Environment 322
Coastal Watershed Science and Policy
Global Health 237S Population, Environment 237S Environmental Dynamics & Health
Sociology 172, Environment 171
Food and Energy
Law 636
Food Law & Sustainability
Mechanical Engineering 165
Special Topics: Green Aircraft Initiative

University Writing Courses with a Sustainability Focus:

Writing 20 - 12 Ocean Acidification
Writing 20 - 17 21st Century Environmentalism
Writing 20 - 18 Primate Cognition
Writing 20 - 36
Conservation of Biodiversity
Writing 20 - 42 Writing Poverty
Writing 20 - 66
Science of Food Choice

View a more complete list here.

Every attempt was made to make this list as comprehensive as possible, if there are other courses that should be included, feel free to contact sustainability@duke.edu.