Spring 2011 Sustainability Courses

For Spring 2011, Sustainable Duke has compiled a list of courses that include sustainability topics, and the same list of courses with descriptions.  Below, there is also an overview of highlighted courses in which sustainability is the primary focus, as well as a list of University Writing Program courses with a sustainability focus.

Highlighted Courses:

Biology 43-01  
Ecosystem Health and Human Health
Civil Engineering 185-01
Engineering Sustainable Design and Construction
Cultural Anthropology 168AS-01
Politics of Food
Environment 171
Applying Research and Theory to Local Dining Practice
Environment 215S
Greening the Seven Seas: Marine Environmental Sustainability
Environment 298-95 America's Climate Choices
Environment 331
Sustainable Business Strategy
History 117-01
North American Environmental History
Law 520-01 Climate Change and the Law
Parish (Care of Parish) 120-01
Food, Eating, and the Life of Faith
Parish (Care of Parish) 241-01
The Theology and Spirituality of Place
Women's Studies 166S-01
Nature, Culture, and Gender

University Writing Courses with a Sustainability Focus:

WRITING 20-62, 61 Environmental Justice
WRITING 20-68, 67, 66 The Science of Food Choice
Who Cares and Why?
WRITING 20-12 The Billion Dollar Problem of Aquatic Invasive Species
WRITING 20-36, 37
Conservation of Biodiversity

View a more complete list here.

Every attempt was made to make this list as comprehensive as possible, if there are other courses that should be included, feel free to contact Casey Roe.