Sustainability Courses at Duke

Fall 2016 Sustainability Courses

For Fall 2016, Sustainable Duke has identified 177 sustainability-related courses at Duke.  Find a compiled a list of courses that include sustainability topics, and the same list of courses with descriptions.  Below, there is also a selection of highlighted courses in which sustainability is the primary focus, as well as a list of University Writing Program courses with a sustainability focus. Please email us to suggest additional courses for the current, or upcoming semester.

Highlighted Courses:

AAAS 642S-01 Global Inequality Research: Race, Class & Psychology 
BIOLOGY 158-01
Plants and Human Use 
BIOLOGY 263-01
Biological Response to Climate Change 
CEE 160L-001 Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science 
CULANTH 238S-01 Politics of Food 
ECON 112FS-01
Globalization and Corporate Citizenship 
ECON 345-01 Urban Economics 
ECON 753-01
Natural Resource Economics 
ENERGY 231-01
Energy and Environment 
ETHICS 129FS-01 Human Rights and World Politics 
PUBPOL 723-01 Poverty Reduction and the International Financial Institutions 

University Writing Courses with a Sustainability Focus:

WRITING 101 05, 06, 07 Controlling Nature 
WRITING 101 13.14 Nature: Utopia and Apocalypse 
WRITING 101 24, 25, 26 Debt, Race, and Power 
WRITING 101 32, 33  The Science Behind Health Equity

View a more complete list here.

Every attempt was made to make this list as comprehensive as possible, if there are other courses that should be included, feel free to contact