Fall 2013 Sustainability Courses

For Fall 2013, Sustainable Duke has compiled a list of courses that include sustainability topics, and the same list of courses with descriptions.  Below, there is also a selection of highlighted courses in which sustainability is the primary focus, as well as a list of University Writing Program courses with a sustainability focus. Please email us to suggest additional courses for the current, or upcoming semester.

Highlighted Courses:

AMI  335S - 01
Video for Social Change
BIOLOGY   89S - 01
Food Production: What Are We Eating?
BIOLOGY  417S - 01
Genetic Engineering/Biotechnology
Our Culinary Cultures
EDUC  111FS - 01
Rethinking School: Social Justice
Drought and Cross-Border Crisis
ENVIRON 209 - 01
Food, Farming and Feminism
ENVIRON  210D - 01
Conserving the Variety of Life
ENVIRON  701 - 01
Forest Measurements
EOS  511 - 01
The Climate System
PARISH  806- 01
Caring for Creation
POLSCI 367S-01 Environment and Conflict
WOMENST 270 Animals and Ethics


University Writing Courses with a Sustainability Focus:

Writing 101 - 37, 38   
Humanitarian Aid
Writing 101 - 54, 55, 56
From Woods to Words
Writing 101 - 66, 67
The Science of Food Choice

View a more complete list here.

Every attempt was made to make this list as comprehensive as possible, if there are other courses that should be included, feel free to contact sustainability@duke.edu.