Fall 2010 Sustainability Courses

For Fall 2010, Sustainable Duke has compiled a list of courses that include sustainability topics, and the same list of courses with descriptions.  Below, there is also an overview of highlighted courses in which sustainability is the primary focus, as well as a list of University Writing Program courses with a sustainability focus.

Highlighted Courses:

Cutting Edge Ecology/Evolution at Duke
Food Production: What Are We Eating?
South African Ecosystems and Diversity
BIOLOGY 173 People, Plants, and Pollution: Introduction to Urban Environments
Environmental Conservation and Documentary Photography
ECON 270 Resource and Environmental Economics
EOS 130
Energy and Environment
EOS 155
Global Warming
EOS 227 International Water Resources
ENVIRON 149-01/PUBPOL 149-01 U S Environmental Policy
Into the Woods: The Duke Forest
ENVIRON 298-47
Wilderness Management
PUBPOL 106-01/
WOMENST 101-01  
Animals And Ethics
WOMENST 102S-01   
Food, Farming, And Feminism

University Writing Courses with a Sustainability Focus:

WRITING 20-37 Conservation of Biodiversity
WRITING 20-63        The Billion Dollar Problem of
Aquatic Invasive Species

View a more complete list here.

Every attempt was made to make this list as comprehensive as possible, if there are other courses that should be included, feel free to contact Casey Roe.